Sparrowflight Warriors OC

win_20161003_13_09_04_proThis is my main Warriors OC Sparrowflight. I’m sorry for the low picture quality. It was rather dark when I took the picture ;U;.

Sparrowflight is a mottled brown tiger stripe she-cat with white paws and under belly and one white tipped ear.

She is a Riverclan warrior

She was named ‘Sparrow’ because her color scheme is the same as most sparrows color scheme.

She was the first in her litter to open her eyes.

Her littermates are:

Jaykit; small gray she-kit with blue eyes. Died two moons after she was born due to green-cough.

Winterkit; white she-kit with gray marking on her back she had green eyes. She died of green-cough a little while after Jaykit

Scarletmoon; bright ginger she-cat with white splotch around one of her eyes and one white paw and bright green eyes.

Her parents are Owlflower and Russetnight. Owlflower is a white she-cat with a gray marking on her back and dark blue eyes. She and Winterkit looked almost exactly the same. Russetnight is a ginger tom with green eyes and a white spot around one of his eyes. Scarletmoon was given the last name ‘Moon’ because she always outshined her father.

Owlflower was originally from Thunderclan and had a mate named Briarstone and three kits named Dandilionkit, Violetstorm, and Razorclaw.

Dandilionkit; yellow she-kit with amber eyes. She died the day after she was born.

Violetstorm; long furred light gray she-cat with white paws and belly and has blue eyes.

Razorclaw; dark gray tom with amber eyes. He has abnormally large claws.

When Violetstorm and Razorclaw were only 3 moons old their father died in a battle against Shadowclan.

A moon after her two kits were apprenticed to Whiteleaf and Lilyblaze (Lilyblaze; yellow she-cat with green eyes. Mentor to Violetpaw.  Whiteleaf; strong white tom with yellow eyes. Mentor to Razorpaw) Owlflower fell in love with Russetnight from Riverclan. To not break the Warrior Code, she moved to Riverclan and then had her four kits.

When Sparrowkit and Scarletkit were six moons old, they were apprenticed to Thunderripple(Large gray-blue tom with green eyes) mentored Scarletpaw and Ashflight(tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes.) mentored Sparrowpaw.

And one day while out on patrol Sparrowpaw, Ashflight, Scarletpaw, and Squirrellight stopped a small Thunderclan patrol coming to see the Riverclan medicine-cat Dewypool. The patrol of Thunderclan cats included the medicine cat, Goldenleaf, Violetstorm, and Lilyblaze. As they led the small patrol to camp Sparrowpaw and Scarletpaw asked Violetstorm if she knew Owlflower. The two knew that their mother was from Thunderclan. Violetstorm said she did. Violetstorm also said that Owlflower was her mother. When they got to the camp, Scarletpaw and Sparrowpaw went and got Owlflower and said that their sister was here. Owlflower never told them that they had kin in Thunderclan. When Owlflower saw Violetstorm, she explained to her that Sparrowpaw and Scarletpaw were Violetstorms sisters.

Hahahaha…haha…ha…..eeehhhhh…… Well, there are other cats that have something to do with all of my fanfiction like Cassette’s OC Cloudpaw; a brown tabby she-cat with white paws and chest. (Later named Cloudsong maybe? I don’t know, you choose XD) And my OC that is based off of pianolexcat named Auburnsky; beautiful (and short >:D) ginger-brown she cat with green eyes. They are all Riverclan and are Sparrowflights best friends.


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Sunday doodle :3

My mom wanted me to put in a deep thought……and what do I have to say to that? Aaaapple? Deep, huh?


This is a small doodle I did on Sunday night. I pretty much just drew my Minecraft skin but instead in a different outfit, she usually just wears a long sleeved galaxy-ish shirt, shorts, and big black boots with mint green laces and purple flames :3. She’s pretty much going to be my human character for almost everything, including my Youtube. I’m going to be coloring it a little, then cutting it out, and laminating, then cutting again, the, it will be my bookmark!


I don’t really have much to talk about for this blog post DX…. But, if you have any suggestions on what I should draw next, go find my poll!



See ya!~





So, at the moment I’m reading the Dawn Of The Clans saga of the book series. But, a few days ago, I decided to do some Firepaw-Tigerclaw fan-art….It actually turned out much better then I expected!


But, after I finished it, I felt like something was missing……so I added a surprise 😉

My mom, while I was still drawing it, said that Tigerclaw looked sad *sigh*. I RE-DID THE FACE LIKE 20 TIMES! Comment down below if you can tell me if you…..~

• Find the hidden surprise

• Think Tigerclaw doesn’t look sad

• Or just want a doughnut ≈^OωO^≈

Only 2 More To Go!

Well, I have finished Willow, Bella, and Courtney. I know it took FOREVER! But I kinda procrastinated…….found no time…….and was too lazy to actually get to them -u-. But, after I was on Cassettes realm with Lexicat, she was saying how she couldn’t wait for the puppet show thing I was doing…..


Sorry Lexicat, I don’t think I’m going to be actually doing the puppet show  º←→º…..

But, I will showcase them!


Here is what they looked like before I cut them out…..



So….they are done! Very soon I will be making digital cut-out versions of them so Lexicat or someone else can do the puppet show.


So, the only ones left are Chéri, Malum, re-do Elliot, and Nolan. I might also do Glimmer Stella and the teacher.


See ya!~

Ramble Time YAY!

Well, my moms camera is charging so I can’t showcase any of my traditional artwork and its REALLY hard to draw on the Windows Surface I’m using to do this post……


Well, at the moment the poll says most of you people want me to do the MLP Fusions. I’ve done fusions before. It was Starlight Glimmer fused with the Mane 6. Maybe this time I will fuse my Mlp Ocs with my friends Ocs. Friends include, Pianolexcat, CassetteTheCat, Pixieblossom, Nikkmd8 (Tho she doesn’t rly have any Ocs I can fuse mine with Storybelle) Greekie, Chameleon20 (My only guy friend DERP So I will have to fuse my guy Ocs with his lol) and some other random people I talk too :3.


My hands are FREEZING! so I’m literally putting them on the back of the Surface to warm them….it’s not working O-O


But, forget about my IRL problem….


My BIGGEST ship is my Discord X Dark Art ship, I haven’t come up with an official name for it yet but that won’t be long until I do XP. If you don’t know who Dark Art is then I will tell you, Dark Art is this evil force that was created by my main OC Pastel on accident (Not a complete backstory made yet) but, Dark Art is pretty much an evil unicorn version of Pastel (Who is a Pegasus) and whenever Pastel is angry, sad, or overly excited, Dark Art will be able to roam Ponyville for until Pastel regains herself. And me and Nikkmd8 have ‘somewhat’ started a ship concerning them XD it’s honestly really weird but we did it as a joke because they are honestly quite different and you know as some random people say ‘Hi’. So whenever me and Nikkimd8 Rp on her MLP Villains Roleplay we always have to have Discord join in XD I honestly think its the best thing ever in the world of shipping!


Okay, well, I think that’s enough of my random rambling for today


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What Does The Tiger Say?


I was doing my Spanish 1 work, and I saw this picture in an activity….so I clicked on the Windows Ink Workspace, and did screen sketch and made THIS! IT….IS…..PURRTY! (Darn my terrible cat puns :P) anyways, I have an update on the PHS puppets and I need to still cut everyone out and color them. That’s all that’s left ;ω;



See ya!~

PaigeeHigh Puppets

I took ALOT of pictures 😛 but it’s all good. It took all weekend to do these, and I’m still not done! I REALLY liked how Alexia and Tyler came out. Tyler was hard to do considering I’m TERRIBLE at drawing guys XD but he turned out awesome! I did do one for Alexias little brother Elliot but I got the shirt color wrong. Instead of looking like himself, he looked like an even younger version of Tyler X’D. I’m going to re-do him tho. I think I might also re-draw Courtney Mousy. She didn’t turn out how I wanted too. Willow looks okay, but Bella I might also re-draw. Maybe I will put Bella in the same pose she is in in the sign up sheet. After I finish another project I’m working on, I will go and draw some of them on Firealpaca. I’m going to draw them on Firealpaca so others can cut them out and make them their own puppets 🙂 Lexicat is going to laugh hysterically when she sees the little puppet show I’m going to put them in lol! º\_(òwó)_/º (Hint, me and someone else are going to do it together since I can’t do guy voices at all ^w^ and most of the little puppet shows are going to be straight from the mini stories on PHS)

For more information on PHS and how you can join, go to their website ~


See ya!~