Sunday doodle :3

My mom wanted me to put in a deep thought……and what do I have to say to that? Aaaapple? Deep, huh?


This is a small doodle I did on Sunday night. I pretty much just drew my Minecraft skin but instead in a different outfit, she usually just wears a long sleeved galaxy-ish shirt, shorts, and big black boots with mint green laces and purple flames :3. She’s pretty much going to be my human character for almost everything, including my Youtube. I’m going to be coloring it a little, then cutting it out, and laminating, then cutting again, the, it will be my bookmark!


I don’t really have much to talk about for this blog post DX…. But, if you have any suggestions on what I should draw next, go find my poll!



See ya!~






I share this account with my younger sister (But I own giftbabiesart) I'm twelve and she is seven :3

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